Fund your UTrade account via Over-The-Counter Payment

Funding your UTrade account is easy and convenient. Simply go to a bank  or  a MLhuillier branch nearest you to fund your UTrade account. Just fill out the bank deposit or transaction slip and proceed to the counter for payment. Send a photo of the deposit slip to equities@unicapital-inc.com and your account funding will reflect in your UTrade account after 15 minutes. It’s that easy! For inquiries, send an SMS or Viber message to 0999-8857616 and we will reply within 24 hours. Grow your portfolio today–you deserve it! Before anything else, make it a priority to Invest In U.

Note: Don’t forget to specify your OL CODE and FULL NAME in the Payor’s Name of the deposit slip.
*Find your OL CODE at the upper right corner of your UTrade account (see image below)

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Account Name: Unicapital Securities Inc.
Current Account No. 321-1084986


Account Name: Unicapital Securities Inc.
Savings Account No. 360-000079-3
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Account Name: Unicapital Securities Inc.
Current Account No. 115143791-6

Biller: UTrade/Unicapital Securities, Inc.
Reference Number: Your OL CODE
Type of Transaction: Renewal/Top up