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Adding funds to your UTrade Account is easy!

Now that you’ve completed your account-opening requirements and you’re already a stock investor, the next step is for you to add funds to your UTrade account so you can begin trading or invest in more stocks. At UTrade, we provide you with several ways to fund your account to make your stock investing journey easier and more convenient. You can choose to go to a bank and deposit over-the-counter, you can opt to transfer funds online, or simply and conveniently transact via an ATM machine. It’s possible with UTrade!

Once you have been able to fund your account via any of the available options, don’t forget to send us a copy of your deposit slip at and and your account funding will reflect in your UTrade account after 15 minutes. It’s simple and easy! For any questions or concerns regarding account funding, simply send us an SMS or viber message at 0999-8857616 and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Grow your portfolio today – you deserve it! Before anything else, make it a priority to Invest in U.

Invest and deposit funds in UTrade PH via bank or over the counter - online trading philippines


Visit a bank near you. You may deposit funds via BPI, BDOChina Bank, or MLhuillier.

apply online for corporate loans - loan faster for your investment at Utrade PH


Transfer funds to your UTrade account via online banking. It’s easy and hassle-free.

ATM Funding from BDO - Fund for investment at UTrade PH online


Enroll UTrade as a Bills Payment merchant and transact from a BDO ATM near you.